Review about the game Diablo III PS3 writing homework help

I need a Diablo III (PS3) Review

Requirements : 

500 words. 

Your experience with Diablo III (PS3) pertaining your personal feelings and thoughts

Listing advantages and disadvantages  

No grammatical and spelling errors 

No plagiarism please .

Look at the sample : 

First Thoughts

Blizzard has released many of my all time favourite games such as Diablo 1 and 2 for PC, World of Warcraft and many others. When I bought this game I remember it being RRP £29.99 in Game. But I got mine from e-bay when it was down to £20 including postage and packaging. I thought it was going to be set in the same town as Diablo 1 and 2 were in. But I was wrong. Diablo 3 includes many towns and cities in which you work your way through. Which I thought was a good idea where as Diablo 2 only had the added map of the secret cow level in town. The game does take a while to complete Easy mode, then you can go on to Normal, Hard and Extreme. 

Single Player

If you think you can handle it on your own this is the place for you. It starts off with a bang as you immediately have to take down some zombies infront of a war ravaged town riddled with disease. It does get annoying how you have to go back and forth to smith new weapons, armour etc if you cant find any out and about in chests, barrels, drops from demons. The good part is the waypoints in which each one is linked throughout the game so you can ”fast travel” to any given destination. Be prepared for some gruelling battles when it comes to bosses or just the sheer number of foes waiting to taste your steel.


You might be sat there for a while waiting for someone to join or playing your own levels while people join your game. However it is so similar to Single Player in the fact that its the same missions, same levels but the demons and minions are harder to kill. You do however gain slightly more experience with each kill though. Having someone to aid in taking down a boss or someone to watch your back in those bottom twitching moments is a good thing. Don’t trust all players though as some will try to trade and take your items.


The graphics are much better than its predecessors 1 and 2. Images, landscapes and demons are much sharper and more clear than before. The game runs well with the graphics and in my opinion if they were any better then it just would be Diablo.


The sound is brilliant quality with the original sounds from the waypoints, potions etc being brought from 1 and 2 over to DIablo 3. Which I think brings a little bit of nostalgia with it. The missions and side missions that are spoken are clear and you can hear every word. You even get the subtitled part incase your sound is off.


I have yet to purchase or play Diablo 3 – reaper of souls. I’m just not sure its worth it if I’m honest as its only really a few more added sets of armour, weapons, missions and possibly a new character class? I heard from a friend that is was kind of crap if I’m honest.

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