Retribution is the belief that offenders should be punished by inflicting the same amount of pain on the offender as was inflicted onto the victim. Rehabilitation is the belief that social, spiritual, and biological influences should be addressed for each offender to make him or her a productive member of society. In this assignment, it is your responsibility to prepare an analysis of 5–7 pages on the arguments for treatment or punishment of offenders in dealing with the social problem of crime.

 Address the following in your analysis of 5–7 pages on the different rationales for various treatments and punishments.

  • What are 3 specific differences between the arguments for rehabilitation and retribution? Explain.
  • What are 3 specific similarities between the arguments for rehabilitation and retribution? Explain.
  • Examine 2 of the social arguments used to support both positions.
  • What are 3 specific philosophical or social issues that could be used to support your analysis?
  • Your analysis must contain at least 4 references using APA style.

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