Develop a program to emulate a purchase transaction at a retail store. This program will have two classes, a LineItem class and a Transaction class. The LineItem class will represent an individual line item of merchandise that a customer is purchasing. The Transaction class will combine several LineItem objects and calculate an overall total price for the line item within the transaction. There will also be two test classes, one for the LineItem class and one for the Transaction class. 2. 

Design and build a LineItem class. This class will have three instance variables. There will be an itemName variable that will hold the identification of the line item (such as, “Colgate Toothpaste”); a quantity variable that will hold the quantity of the item being purchased; and a price variable that will hold the retail price of the item. The LineItem class should have a constructor, accessors for the instance variables, a method to compute the total price for the line item, a method to update the quantity, and a method to convert the state of the object to a string. Using Unified Modeling Language (UML), the class diagram looks like this: 


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