My research topic choice is population growth in India.

 You must write at least 1500 of your own words (original text) about this topic. 12 font times roman, citation, and referencesBe asspecificas possible (riverAmazon River) with the information and make sure to relate the information to the geographic principles of PLACE. This meansmake sure your information specific to location and that is can be mapped. If it isn’t, it is not geographicaland will be marked down at my discretion.  Save the addresses of these web sites for your reference list (bibliography) that must be included at the end of your paper. In addition,you must use in-text citations throughout the body of the paper(at least 6) as you would in any research paper. Ex. (USGS).

Putting the research paper together

Finding your source material is the first step in writing your paper. You were to get your information from web sites of reputable organizations, government agencies or educational institutions that supply data and information about the earth’s physical environment. You can find many of these by searching the web using key words, such as volcanoes, rivers, water, etc.DO NOT USE ENCYCLOPEDIAS OR THE TEXT, as part of your required SIX referencesor you will bemarked downPart of the assignment is finding these web sites yourself.


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