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I need to someone to do research papers. The topic is (research approaches to build economic growth from the rain forest for developing countries). I need this research to be done before Oct /21/2016.

instructions and quid lines for the research:

Research paper is a Publishable article with a minimum of 12 references. Please follow the directions:

  • The article should follow the guidelines set forth by the APA style. YOU must reflect your understanding of the topic, ideas, opinions, perceptions and MUST support your opinion using references. You shall support your views by references.
  • You will have ample materials (Book Chapters, Articles, E-Library, Conference papers, etc). You should use the library and/or the Web to support your opinion. A minimum of 12 references are required.
  • Although the thoroughness and content will be graded, papers are expected to be approximately 10-15 pages double spaced, font size 12.
  • Consistently use a Publication Manual such as APA, MLA, etc. APA preferred.
  • APA Style Resources: To learn about APA formats please go through the following links:
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