Part 1

Given what you learn from class materials, you will write a basic Request For Proposal document. This will include a summar of the project (modified Executive Summary from the Charter), an expected completion timeframe (again from the Charter), and a list of questions and/or requirements for potential vendors.


Your grade will be based on these items:

  • Modified Executive Summary (1 point)
  • Schedule requirements (1 point)
  • Questions and/or Requirements for Vendors [minimum of 10 questions] (3 points)

You will hand in a Word document with all of these elements included.

Part 2

Who are the stakeholders?

To help you prepare for your project plan, identify one stakeholder (e.g., IT Director) and explain why he/she/they have a stake in this project? Together as a class this might just help write that part of your plan!

Please reply with at least 150 words.

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