Regarding recent revolutions in the Arab world and the political unrest in Russia what role has social media played

Assignment from nickkynickky

Research Topic:

“Regarding recent revolutions in the Arab world and the political unrest in Russia, what role has social media played? How can governments benefit from its citizens use of social media during times of civil unrest?”

Submission Instructions:

  • Complete your Research Paper using word-processing software such as MS Word, Open Office (download free software at
  • Save your file as an .rtf file to ensure that it can be opened at any computer.  Save the file with this format as the file name for your paper: last name, first initial,dash, chapter.  Example: Burrus,C-Ch3
  • Go to Lesson 3 SafeAssign assignment link. Submit your assignment by clicking the title link, browsing to, and attaching your saved file.
  • Make sure to click SUBMIT. Verify your posting in the Grade Center.


paper must be a 3-4 pages, double spaced and typed in Arial 12 point font.

  • The research topic should be included at the top of the paper.  Please see information below about topic requirements for each paper.
  • Sources cannot comprise more than 20% of the research paper. Anything more than 20%, points will be deducted from the total score.
  • Use MLA format and cite all of your sources. In-text citations must be clearly identified.
  • Any sources from Wikipedia will not be accepted.
  • Also, be sure to review the Plagiarism Statement and Definition in the syllabus.
  • Once you have created your document, save as follows: last name, first initial,dash, chapter.  Example: Burrus,C-Ch1.  Submit your paper through the Safe Assign links in the lessons.

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