i choose the concept (Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (lived 1689-1762): Smallpox Vaccination in Turkey)  

AND the file is to help you to understand the topic 

please follow the instruction 

no plagiarism 

I want you to reflect on one historical concept or

topic you have learned about in your History class. In your summary:

• briefly define this concept or topic

• explain two different points you have learned about this concept.

• Give one example for each point.

• Explain how that example supports this point.

• Use the last sentence of the summary to explain why you think this

historical concept or topic is important for us to know

Your summary should have no more than two paragraphs. Remember that a

paragraph has 10 to 12 lines (not sentences). The summary should be doublespaced

and written in Times New Roman 12 Point Font.

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