Reflection on Course Marketing Administration writing homework help

This assignment will assess the following competency: 4. Demonstrate the ability to exhibit sound marketing decision-making.


Based on the learning experience in this course along with the new marketing knowledge that you have acquired discuss in 300 – 400 words how you can use these practices to improve the marketing effectiveness in your current organization? Discuss how you can forge a long-term marketing strategy in your organization. How can the establishment of effective workgroups assist you here?

Textbook: MM4: A student-tested faculty-approved approach to learning-Marketing Management; Dawn Iacobucci-Author  ISBN:978-133-62938-2

**Topics covered throughout the course to highlight throughout the paper:

–  Marketing strategy : Why is Marketing Management important?

–  Customer behavior

–  Segmentation: market segment; demographic, geographic, psychological, behavior, B2B, How do marketers segment the market?

–  Product positioning: Positioning via price, and promotion

–  Targeting: what is targeting, and do marketers do it

–  Products: Goods and services

–  Brands. What is a brand and what are branding strategies?

–  New product, Why are new product important and how does Marketing develop new product for their customers?

–  Pricing; Why is pricing so important, low prices vs. high prices

–  Advertising messages and marketing communication, What is advertising, Why is it important, What market goals are sought from advertising campaigns?

–  Social media

–  Customer satisfaction and customer relationship

–  Marketing strategy

–  Marketing research tools-Why is it important to research?

–  Marketing plans STP and the 4 P’s

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