Read Lacy and Wilhelm, Ch. 3 “Culhwch and Olwen” (28-57)(From the book: The romance of arthur)
Post Notebook Entry Week Two no later than 11:59 PM on Monday June 27

(Your reader’s notebook
Your reader’s notebook is a record of your evolving response to the ideas, issues, and problems you will encounter as you read the stories and criticism and participate in class discussions.  Basically, keeping a notebook requires you to respond in a variety of ways, depending on the assignment(s) for any given week: you may need to respond to a specific assignment; you may need to make connections between your own life and what you’ve observed and learned; or you may only need to choose passages in our readings and respond to them in any way you see fit (obviously, you have to make your response substantial and thoughtful). 
  Format your entries in such a way that you clearly identify the situation or passage(s) you’re responding to, and make sure you distinguish that citation/summary section from your response section.  You may want to set up a left-hand column for citation/summary and a right-hand column for your response, or you may prefer to label the citation/summary and the response sections with headings. 
  Successful entries (i.e., entries that earn full credit) will show the development of your ideas, questions, and speculations as you reflect on the assigned material or the situation.  Entries will likely, perhaps even should, become more complex as the term progresses and you accumulate more ideas and identify more problems and questions from your reading and class discussions.  Focus on responding specifically, thoughtfully, and in detail; entries that simply speak in generalities will receive a lower number of points than those showing a genuine engagement with the materials.
  The response section of each entry should be at least 300 words in length, and it must reflect the current week’s reading(s).

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