One group that is racially profiled quite often is anybody of Hispanic ethnicity. It could be anybody with black hair, brown eyes and tan colored skin that speaks Spanish, regardless of whether they come from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba or any of the other Latino countries. Blacks are another group racially profiled by law enforcement. Once again, they may not be of African-American ethnicity as there are several other countries that the indigenous peoples are dark in skin color such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and even many Cubans are dark skinned.

The impact that racial profiling these two groups would have in the criminal justice system is primarily seen in the pretrial phase of the court proceedings. The idea of detaining the suspects prior to trial is seen as a form of punishment which could negatively affect the defendant in any number of ways including stressing familial ties and exacerbating an inability to obtain or maintain employment (Frieburger, Marcum & Pierce, 2010). The judge’s decision to release individuals to their own recognizance during the pretrial phase also takes into account things such as the defendant’s employment status and community reputation. As the pretrial stage the judge is allowed more discretion with less public scrutiny, allowing the opportunity for racial bias to play a much larger role in the decision (Frieburger, Marcum & Pierce, 2010).

In law enforcement it is pertinent to utilize ethnicity as a descriptive factor to properly identify any suspects in crimes. To use those same descriptors as a means of determining guilt or innocence is unjustifiable. Basing a decision in whole or in part regarding a suspect’s guilt or innocence is the type of rationale that has caused many minority dominated communities to lose faith and respect for the law enforcement in their areas (Chan, 2011).

Chan, J. (2011). Racial profiling and police subculture. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice53(1), 75–78.

Frieburger, T., Marcum, C., & Pierce, M. (2010). The impact of race on the pretrial decision. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 35(1/2), 76–86.

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