question help about women s history

Write a three- to five-page short paper comparing and contrasting this photograph of real women on the lawn of the White House with President Warren G. Harding with a representation of women from any popular medium of the 1920’s: magazines, posters, silent movies, book illustrations, pamphlets, cartoons.  Here’s the photo:

For example, contrast the media images of the 1950s housewife with real images of women from the same era, media presentations of women and women’s actual lived experiences. 

Grading Rubic:

Accurate presentation of the first source:  0-20 points

Accurate presentation of the second source: 0-20 points

Comparison/contrast of the two sources: 0-20 points

Citation of sources: 0-10 points

Mechanics of composition in standard English: 0-10 points

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