quadratic functions Algebra homework help

Here is the work if it is unclear: http://www.intervisualtechnology.us/data/1/13252/Unit_2_Quadratic_Functions_Unit_Project.pdf

Complete parts a­c for each quadratic function.
a. Find the y­intercept, the equation of the axis of symmetry, and the x­-coordinates of the vertex.
b. Make a table of values that includes the vertex.
c. Use the information to graph the function.

  1. f(x) = ­3×2 + 8x

  2. f(x)=2×2 +7x+1

Determine whether each function has a maximum or minimum value. State the maximum or minimum value of each function.

  1. f(x)=x2 +6x+9

  2. f(x)=­x2+4x

  3. Write a quadratic equation with roots ­3 and 4 in standard form.

Solve each quadratic equation using the method of your choice. Find exact solutions.

  1. ­1.6×2 ­3.2x+18=0

  2. 10×2 +3x=1

  3. x2 +8x­48=0

Simplify the expression.

  1. (5 ­ 2i) ­ (8 ­ 11i)

  2. (14 ­ 5i)2

Write each equation in vertex form. Then identify the vertex, axis of symmetry, and direction of opening.

  1. y=x2 +10x+27

  2. y=­9×2 +54x­8

Graph each inequality.

13. (x­5)(x+7)<0 14. ­5×2 +x+2<0

Find the exact solution to the system of equations. Check your answer algebraically.

  1. y=x2 ­6x+1 y + 2x = 6

  2. 2×2 ­4x=y+1 x+y=1 

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