1) Publicly Available Domain Information

Using tools mentioned in the chapter (or other tools), research one of these domains:,,,,  Your goal is to find out publicly available information about each domain including domain registration information and DNS records.  Provide the following for the domain chosen, providing details on how you found the information:

·  Domain admin e-mail address

·  Domain expiration date

·  Name servers for the domain

·  At least 2 A records in the domain

·  At least 1 MX record in the domain

2) Deploying Directory services

What are some good practices when deploying directory services?

3) AD-Integrated DNS Zones

What factors might an organization consider when choosing to implement an AD-integrated DNS zone versus a traditional zone?  Describe a scenario in which it would be preferable not to integrate a DNS zone into AD.  Since the DNS zones can be hosted on specific AD domain controllers, what factor(s) might go into deciding which DCs will host DNS?

please answer the 3 questions and provide reference

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