psy 300 3

Directions: Provide detailed and elaborate responses to the questions below. Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments and discuss how the concepts are applied in modern psychology. Your responses to each question should be at least one half of one page in length and include a minimum of two references. 1. What is stress? In your response, include the description provided by the DSM, factors that predispose a person to stress, and characteristics of stressors. 2. What is the relationship between physical health and stress? How does optimism and negative affect impact the stress response? What can individuals do to mitigate the health risks associated with prolonged stress? 3. Discuss the fear and anxiety response patterns. Discuss the fight or flight response, anxiety, and unconditional versus learned sources of fear and anxiety. 4. Discuss Generalized Anxiety disorder, its psychological casual factors, the role of control and predictability, worry and cognition. How is it treated? PART II Review the Web resources in the lecture notes. Select at least three websites that you consider valuable. In a document that is at least one page in length, provide the following information. 1. Describe the site and its purpose. 2. How does it demonstrate credibility? 3. Explain how the information provided on the site may be beneficial to students and professionals. ****************ADDITIONAL INFO FOR PART II *********** Review the following Web resources and select at least three to incorporate into your annotated bibliography, which is part of your final project due in module 8. Please include a few sentences summarizing or describing the website and its purpose, discussing how the site demonstrates credibility, and discussing how the information may be beneficial to students and professionals. Click HERE for more information on creating an annotated bibliography. The National Center for PTSD sponsors THIS SITE, which serves as an educational resource concerning PTSD and other enduring consequences of traumatic stress. Please click HERE to read an article that uses the FAQ format to discuss how to become aware of stressors and how to recognize what you can change to reduce stress. HERE is an overview of acute stress disorder, which describes the symptoms of this disorder and provides diagnostic information. Please click HERE to view the National Institute of Mental Health brochure on anxiety disorders, which covers symptoms and treatment of the major anxiety disorders. It also lists organizations to contact for further information. The National Anxiety Foundation home page, found HERE, provides information and links about panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Please click HERE to view the Mental Help Net site, which provides an enormous amount of basic information as well as many Web links for anxiety disorders.

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