Discussion 17

Provide your definition of critical analysis now. What is the process you follow to analyze and develop your argument in your research papers? How has it changed since the beginning of this course?

Essay 4: Final Research Essay

Choose a common theme such as marriage, death, conflict, male/female relationships, reality vs. illusion, freedom/oppression, or justice, and use that theme to analyze the topic usingA Doll Housewith a debatable, analytical thesis statement with key points.  Additional options for topics are available below. Locate at least three academically valid sources to support the main points in your essay. This essay must be formatted using MLA Style and contain a Works Cited page. The expected length isapproximatelyfive to seven pages. SeeEssay 4 Guidelines and Rubric. DueWednesday.

Additional Topic Options (ONLY CHOOSE ONE) i like option no. 2

Option 1

Compare and contrast the play with significant aspects of Isben’s life. What influenced his writing of the play and what social or historical events or trends was he critiquing through the depictions of his play? Review the section on Biographical Criticism (1313-1315) in theNortonfor more guidance. Also, refer to compare and contrast strategies that you encountered in 111, particularly a point-by-point one to help structure your analysis.

Option 2

Compare and contrast “A Doll House” to one of the following assigned readings from this semester:

§  Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”

§  Chopin “Story of an Hour”

§  Hemingway “Hills White Elephants”

§  Glaspell’s “Trifles”

Focus your attention towards gender and social roles, and how both works look into exploring and critiquing these notions. Refer to the Gender studies section in theNortonfor more guidance (1325-1326), as well as to the compare and contrast sections on strategies that you encountered in 111, particularly a point-by-point one to help structure your analysis.

Option 3

If you have a topic of your own you wish to pursue, please email me for approval detailing what your aim and thesis is, as well as explaining why your topic would be suitable.

Option 4

Toward the end of theNortonis a section titled “Critical Approaches” detailing various methods toward analysis. These help provide critics (those who analyze literature, like the authors of the secondary sources you will find) a lens from which to explore meaning in a piece of writing, often called a text or work. Review ONE of the following via their page numbers in theNortonand apply it toward an analysis of “A Doll’s House”:

§  Feminist (1323-1325)

§  Marxist (1322-1323)

§  Psychoanalytic (1315-1319); this is also broke down in three areas to focus.

§  Poststructuralist/Deconstruction (1309-1315)

§  Feminist-Marxist (a combination of the two since many within these camps feel the at women are both a gender and a socio-economic class)

Approaches To Avoid

It is easy to make the following common mistakes so steer clear of these approaches:

§  Summary of the play and sources, which should only be found in your annotated bibliography that is due in week 7.

§  Compare/contrast analysis that shows how the play is different than the world today.

§  Personal responses.




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