Based on the topic and outline from previous units, you will make a formal oral presentation to your instructor and peers. You will be required to present for 10–12 minutes using the Adobe Connect technology within the course area. Specifically, you will create 10–12 PowerPoint slides with your complete script in the notes area. The PowerPoint product will be the visual guide for your presentation. Plan for an oral presentation of 10–12 minutes via Adobe Connect with live audio narration and discussion. You will present to your peers as assigned by your instructor, using the discipline-related topic determined by your previous outline. Be sure to select a trending topic in your programmatic discipline or professional or career interest area that incorporates your academic, professional, and personal experiences and strengths. The intent of the topic selection is that you identify something in your chosen profession or career that aligns with your personal credibility within the topic selected. Be sure to incorporate an introduction to yourself and express why and how your experience, interests, and skills qualify you to discuss the chosen topic. Your instructor will work with you to find a mutually-agreeable time to meet online. 


Complete the following:

  • Follow your instructor’s guidelines to submit your PowerPoint for use in the Live Chat room.
  • Confirm that you have used the Notes feature for your entire presentation script.
  • Use a microphone for the audio portion (a microphone is provided for this course).
  • Give the presentation, identifying your peers and instructor as the intended audience.
  • At the conclusion of your live presentation, be prepared to answer questions from audience peers and your instructor for clarification.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. 

Please submit your assignment. 


Content Development, Personal Delivery, Mechanics

Clearly understandable speech, with little or no slurring. Measured and adapted speed and pace of delivery. Excellent voice modulation. No or very minimal verbal pauses. Presentation was no less than 10 and no more than 12 minutes long (not including Q&A). Strong introduction and conclusion, bookending the presentation. Presentation structure was logical and clear. Student delivered the talk, and did not read it. Presenter able to think on his or her feet, during presentation, adapting to unexpected interruptions or other problems.



Organization, Grammar, and Presentation Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a consistent design and professional look. Presentation flowed smoothly and logically. Text is clear and easy to read. Slides are balanced between images and text. Background matches the topic. Student did not read off of the slides, but used PPT as a support for the presentation information. Student navigated the PowerPoint slides correctly while talking and was always on the correct slide. Slide text used formal standard English, appropriate for a professional presentation.


Information Literacy and Research

Demonstrates outstanding selection and use of high-quality, credible, and relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate to the assignment.

Sources are consistently cited.


Critical Thinking, Audience Interaction

Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to analyze assumptions and evaluate evidence, complexities of issues, and alternatives. Where required, demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to use creativity and originality in problem solving.

Gave precise and well-supported answers to audience questions. Participated in Q&A of more than half of peer members’ presentations by asking relevant questions. Participated in presentations of others.


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