Project Assignment 5 Section IV of the Research Proposal Project computer science homework help

Project Assignment 5

Project Assignment 5: Section IV of the Research Proposal Project

This week we study chapter 8: Analyzing Quantitative data, in which you learn several strategies for organizing a data set, several ways to study the nature of data and which kind of statistics (parametric or nonparametric) can be used in the data analysis, and several ways in which you might use the results of the analysis to help you interpret the data and relate it to your research problem and sub-problems. After reading and understanding chapter 8 material and doing a literature review of similar research and the ways of handling the data. Apply all what you learned to your expected data.

Week 6 (Project Assignment 4 Part 2) includes

  1. The treatment of the data for each sub problem.
  2. The statistical Analysis procedures used to analyze the data.
  3. How to relate the expected statistical analysis results to your research problem and subproblems.

Follow the instruction below to have your submission graded.

1. Follow the grading rubric for project assignment 5.

 2. Upload your work in a single MS Word document.  Then upload the single file.  Be sure to label the file with your class number followed by  last name and first initial followed by Project Assignment 5.  Example “77_Moumen_F_Project Assignment_5.doc”

Grading Rubric for project assignment 5 (Section IV of the Cumulative course research proposal project)


Category Description


Points Awarded/Max. Points


Data analysis   techniques to be used for your own data that proposed to collect in Project   assignment 4. Data   Interpretation- Discusses what will be the outcome   of the data analyses/tests   used.  Includes what the   interpretation   of the data will consist of, and how the statistical   analysis will solve part or the entire research problem.  Also     discusses what work, if any, needs to be done after the data tests are     complete and plans for carrying out subsequent interpretation of the   data.  (20 pts)

Student’s   paper   is free of grammatical errors and is written in a manner where a     college level reader can grasp the essay’s meaning/argument in a single rapid     reading. In text citations are used where appropriate to cite others’     work.  Reference list is complete and   IAW APA standards.   (5 pts)

Total 25 pts

Refer below attachments

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