procurement process management homework help

An important part of the procurement process is communicating your needs to potential vendors or suppliers. Depending on the circumstances of a particular project, the way in which you communicate your needs may vary. Consider the different procurement documents commonly used—RFP, RFQ, RFI, and IFB. Based on your reading and experience discuss how you choose and apply these documents to ensure your ability to procure appropriate resources and material.

In addition, discuss how the activities in the media piece provided in this unit helped you think about these procurement documents differently. In your opinion which procurement document is the most useful and appropriate for your project, and why.

(Media Transcript attached)


  • For experiences that were deemed a success, discuss the main factors that contributed to the success. Consider factors such as proper planning, proper understanding of the organization requirements and needs, and proper use of procurement tools and strategies.
  • For experiences that were less successful, indicate what could have been done differently to improve the outcome. Discuss the challenges that were encountered during the procurement process.


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