Problem statement: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet has been plagued with problems and needs a complete overhaul to repair mechanical and management issues to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. In this paper, several incidents will be discussed where Boeing aircraft experienced malfunctions and suggestions will be made to remedy the situation.

Preliminary Outline:

l. December, 2014 – Regulator report states manufacturing flaws led to Boeing 787 battery defects that caused battery to fail and presents risk of fire on the aircraft

ll. April, 2015 – FAA orders Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet to shut down operations due to software problem

lll. April, 2016 – FAA orders urgent repair of icing issues on Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet after flight from Vancouver to Tokyo experiences engine failure

lV. May, 2016 – FAA issues safety directive regarding Boeing 787 Dreamliner airspeed sensors

V. June, 2016 – Lack of coordination of Boeing outsourcing leads to faulty technology

Vl. Controversy centers around FAA monitoring of Boeing issues and Boeing’s inability to make the necessary repairs to faulty aircraft.

Vll. Steps to remedy the situation:

a. Appoint a committee to investigate reported mechanical flaws with aircraft

b. Outline timeline to repair all airline mechanical flaws before flights continue

c. File report to FAA when all aircraft has been repaired and management problems have been resolved

d. Flights can resume only after FAA reviews investigative committee report and makes recommendations

e. Continue monitoring of Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet to ensure it continues to meet safety standards

The paper is to be 6-7 pages in length and written in APA style. The 6-7 page requirements do not include a title page or reference page. Those pages must be completed (in APA style) in addition to the 6-7 pages. The final paper is an opportunity for the student to discuss their work issues within the context of the course objectives. You are required to relate your selected, work situation to at least two (2) topics from the book,Gamble, J.E., Peteraf, M.A., & Thompson, A.A. (2015). 
Essentials of Strategic Management. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.
and find at least four (4) scholarly and trade articles to support your argument or analysis

Presentation-Bringing it all together 

Assignment: Create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines final paper

At minimum, your presentation should include at least six slides with presenter’s notes 

Use a theme and graphics appropriate for your audience 

The first slide (title slide) should contain the title of your paper, your name, and the date 

The last slide should contain a list of references used in your research paper

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