Plz take a look at this assignment and do it only if u are 100 percent sureu can answer all of them…..there are several files u need to complete the actual graded assingment….i am providing  u with all of them…..THE FIRST THREE FILE THAT ARE UPLOADED ARE THE FILES YOU NEED TO FINISH THE ASSINGMENT IT SELF…….. THE LAST FILE IS THE FILE WITH THE GRADED ASSINGMENT IN IT……IN THE GRADED ASSIGNMENT FILE…THERE ARE 3 PARTS… IN ORDERFOR THE ASSIGNMENT TO BE COMPLETE ALL THREE PARTS MUST BE COMPLETE SO BE SURE U FINSIH THAT… plz get the correct answers as this is very important.

-The first file that is uploaded are the table of random digits that need to be used to answer part one of the graded assignment.

-the second file is the flight data that is needed to besically compelte the entire assignment

– the third file is the flight delays worksheet which im pretty sure is explained  how to finish in part 1 of the graded assingment.

– the fourth file is the actual file with the graded assignemnt listed….once u open the file u will need to scrool down to the “graded assignemnt” section. That is where you will find the part 1,2 and 3 that need to be completed. 

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