a. j(x)= (x^3-5x^2+5x-4)/(x^2-3x-4)

1. Graph j(x)
2. Name equation of asymptote(s). Justify answer.
3. Give coordinates of hole(s) if any. Justify answer.


b. f(x)= x^3-22x^2+37x+60
1. Graph f(x)
2. How many roots? What is the degree of polynomial?
3. What is the number of possible positive real roots? What is the number of possible negative real roots?


c. g(x)= x^4+4x^3-10x^2-28x-15

1. Graph g(x)
2. What are the possible rational roots? What are the rational factors if any?
3. How many relative maximum/minimum points are there? How many absolute max/min points.

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