Poverty and Power Edward Royce sociology homework help

Your Final Literature Review is a compilation of the Mini-Lits you’ve done throughout this course. As previously mentioned, your Mini-Lits (and the implementation of the peer assessment feedback you have received) have been preparing you for your Final Literature Review for this course.

A central theme of this course was to critically examine how and whether the sociology of poverty has any effect on informing U.S. policy surrounding poverty, addressing and proposing legislation on poverty, or any effect on the amelioration of poverty within the U.S.

In order to conduct a thorough examination (through your full literature review), you should now understand the differences between strictly ‘academic sociology of poverty’ and ‘public sociology of poverty’. Remember that the majority of supplemental readings in this course were not scholarly journal articles, but articles written by a sociologist (specializing in poverty) for an official governmental agency, policy proposal, government meeting, or a public news outlet (or an interview they’ve done for a public radio station, or an op-ed piece) based on their scholarly/academic research.

As you compose your Final Literature Review ask yourself a few questions; What will you do with your degree in sociology (or any other degree for that matter)? Can you make a difference with that degree? Can academics make a difference in the ‘real’ world? Should they try? Can those who are not “academics” contribute to the body of knowledge within academia? Should they try?

If you’ve implemented the peer assessment feedback as you’ve progressed throughout the course, all you will have to do for your final Mini-Lit is 1.) paste them into one word document; 2) re-read them 3) add an introduction and 4) a conclusion by 5) answering the questions above and addressing the requirements below.

Your introduction should offer an overview of what you’ve learned from the readings and your blog articles about the role of academic sociology of poverty in public sociology of poverty.

Your conclusion should 1) address any convergence & divergence 2) as well as limitations & contributions of all your mini-lits, and 3) you should identify and propose an area of future research that you determined from any gaps of knowledge within in your literature reviews.

Your Full Literature Review should be (no shorter than) 10 pages and (no longer than) 12 pages in length in ASA format 4th edition. Page count does not include your reference list or any title page you include.

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