Portfolio Topic writing assignment help

For this assignment, I need a topic that I will follow up with you as the course progresses. I will depend on you for the final draft as well.


Submit Portfolio Topic (Worth 20 points of Portfolio Project)

Submit your Portfolio Project topic, which is worth 20 points toward your final Portfolio score. Be sure to review the complete Portfolio Project assignment description and the Portfolio Grading Rubric found in the Module 8 folder.

Be sure to indicate which of the two Portfolio Project options you have decided to complete and provide a one paragraph write-up briefly explaining why you selected this option. Refer to the various fallacies featured in the Module 4 lecture pages for terms and concepts to use to ensure your topic will be logically and objectively presented. You may cite additional references to support your choice of topic position.

Need some more assistance with your writing mechanics or with APA style? Be sure to visit CSU-Global Library for resources. Be sure to back up your feedback with concrete facts and insights based on research. Remember that critical thinking is not just your opinion–rather, it is a claim that provides evidence that helps you prove an argument.

NOTE: While you will not receive points this week for this preliminary deliverable, this assignment is worth 20 points toward your final portfolio score.

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