Portfolio Assignment 9.3: Analyzing War of the Worlds 

When reading texts that fit the suspense genre, it is easy to only think of stories that fit a certain stereotype. However, Edgar Allan Poe is not the only author who fits the genre, and narrative texts are not the only texts that fit the type. The War of the Worlds is a perfect example for both the suspense genre and informational text, because it terrified a portion of the nation in a unique way. It has all the elements necessary to fit the suspense genre, and it is written as a radio play and presented as a news broadcast. Sometimes, what makes suspense genre so terrifying is that you legitimately don’t know when and where it will pop up.

The story analysis chart should be familiar to you as you completed one in lesson 8. You will now need to complete a similar chart for The War of the Worldsand turn it in with your portfolio 2. This chart can be found here.

Please format and submit your assignment according to the instructions in the syllabus and format them in the following manner: 

  • In the top left-hand side of the page please include: 
  • the portfolio submission number 
  • the name of the assignment and lesson number it came from 
  • your name 
  • date 

Be sure to save your assignment as a .PDF file. Please keep copies of all assignments. Independent Study is not responsible for lost assignments.

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