Assignment Prompt

Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” Ch 1.2, sets up a distinction between an illusory world (inside the cave) and the real world (outside the cave). He says that we, like the prisoners, believe that the cave or false world is real. If we are living in an illusory world and what we think is real is nothing more than an illusion, what do you think the real world, or the world outside our cave, is like? If we could break free of our chains and see the world as it really is, what do you think we would see? Furthermore, in the Allegory, the freed prisoner comes back to tell his friends what he has seen: they all think he is crazy. How do you think you would react if someone told you that everything you know is false, and there is another reality beyond this one? Would you believe him and try to leave the cave too see for yourself? Or, would you think he is crazy too?  Your Assignment is to write an original response, at least 300 words, to these questions.

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