When we think of Social Problems, several things may come to mind depending on your social environment. Social Problems are not what you think is problematic from a personal perspective. For example, Divorce rates have skyrocketed in the past 50 years and cohabitation has gone up. You may have a personal opinion about this, frowning on these statistics, but this is not a Social Problem; it is, rather, an example of how our culture is changing. 

A Social Problem is an issue that has a negative impact on a person’s state of being or social position in society .For example, hate crimes are a social problem because they threaten the livelihood of marginalized people in society. 

We’ll be engaged in the Sociological Perspective/Imagination all through the quarter as we look at some of the more compelling Social Problems of our time. Simply put, looking at Social Problems through the lens of Sociology enables us to look past individual experiences to explain successes and failures and instead look at social institutions and social structures as the real influences of outcomes to our lives both collectively and individually. For Sociologists, this is the crux of what we study. 

After reviewing Chapter 1, pick a social problem effecting society today (Nationally or locally, not globally – we’ll get to that later) and in a 3 or 4 paragraph post, explain by example how and why your chosen “problem” is a Social Problem.

I see other students discussed about obesity and increasing prostitution rate.

Also work cited is required too

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