Phishing computer science homework help

The Topic Is : Phishing

Students will select and research sources that they are currently aware of on their selected topic. If you are writing on your field of study, you might want to consider trends in your subject area (why you agree or disagree with the trend), why you are pursuing this field of study, etc. You are required to use at least three different reference sources on your topic, one of which must be a text, for this assignment. After using the advanced search features and gathering information on your selected topic, you are to write (in your own word) a summary of your findings citing your reference sources. All references are to be cited using MLA format. You are encouraged to explore using Word’s capacity to list your references in a Bibliography. This feature allows you to use the Cross-Reference capabilities of Word to easily cite your references in your report.

Assemble a Word document in a two-column/newspaper flyer format reporting your findings.  The basic font for the paper is Times New Roman, 12 Point. It must contain: page header, columns, source write-up (bibliography), cited references, visuals, italic, bold, centered, fully-justified, line spacing changes, highlight, changes in color of text and changes in fonts. Use Word 2013’s Contextual “References” feature to insert citations and additional references. A separate one page, single column complete bibliography will accompany this assignment on the last page of the Word document.

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