philosophy homework 1

1.       Indicate whether each of the following passages most likely contains examples of self interested thinking, face-saving, or group pressure. Some of these are really tough!

a.       Jonathan : My essay is better than Julio’s.

Betty : Why do you think yours is better than all the others? Do you agree that the content and writing of all essays are similar?

Jonathan  : Well, yes

Betty : Do you agree that all the other indicators of quality are nearly identical?

Jonathan: Yes, but mine is still better.


b.      Dear voters, as your representative on student council I will work hard to fight for what you most want. I will keep this university’s administration honest, and I’ll make sure your voice is heard!

c.       I oppose women becoming members of this club. If I endorsed their claims, every friend I’ve got in the club would turn their backs on me.

d.      His statement about religion is all false, of course. I was raised Hindu, and all my relatives are Hindus. This is the only religion I now, and the only one I need.

e.      I’ll be turning 65 next year, so I am in favour of the province’s decision to eliminate mandatory retirement.

f.        Molson Canadian is the best beer in the world. I’ve never tried any of those weird foreign beers, and I don’t intend to.

g.       Free speech should not extend to pornographers. Right now they are allowed to expose their smut on Internet and many other places. That’s just not how I was raised.

h.      Christopher: Corporations have the same rights as humans.

Andrew: What makes you think that?

Christopher: I’ve got money invested in several corporations, and if corporate rights aren’t protected, my investment would be in danger.


i.         Yeah, I did badly on the essay. But it’s not my fault because the prof hates me.

j.        His statements about religion are all false of course. He’s scientist.

k.       If Joan is appointed to the committee, I am guaranteed to have a job for the rest of my life. I think Joan would be a great addition to the committee.

Read each of the following claims. Then select from the list any statements that, if true, would constitute good reasons for accepting the claim. Be careful: In some questions, none of he choices are correct.

1.       John: The newspaper account of the charges of pedophilia lodged against Father J. Miller, a Catholic priest in our town, should never have been printed.

a.       The charges are false

b.      John is Catholic

c.       Important evidence that would exonerate Father Miller was not mentioned in the newspaper account.

d.      The town is predominantly Catholic


2.       Alice: You should always buy vegetables that have been grown locally.

a.       Alice owns a local vegetable farm.

b.      Studies show that locally grown vegetables are more environmentally friendly

c.       You’ve noticed that the food seems to be better at restaurants that feature locally grown food.

d.      Alice has a degree in nutrition.

3.       Janette: Women are less violent and less emotional than men.

a.       A study from McGill shows that women are less violent and less emotional than men.

b.      Janette is a woman

c.       Janette is a member of a group of women who are fighting for the rights of women.

d.      Janette and all her friends are women.

4.       Nanako: You should visit Japan for your next holiday.

a.       Nnako was born in Japan and knows how beautiful it is there.

b.      Nanako knows you well enough to know what kind of vacation you would enjoy.

c.       Nanako’s brother owns a travel agency that specializes in trips in Japan.

d.      You’ve told Nanako before that you’ve always wanted to visit Asia.

5.       Colonel Lewis : Canada’s peacekeepers must stay in Afghanistan until the Taliban are destroyed, even if it means that some Canadian lives will be lost.

a.       Taliban fighters have killed three of Colonel Lewis’s soldiers.

b.      Canadians are proud of their nation’s reputation in peacekeeping

c.       Colonel Lewis is loyal to his troops, all whom want to attack the Taliban

d.      Fighting the Taliban is unlikely to result in Canadian casualties, and it will make Afghanistan a great place to live.

6.       Ivana. Gay marriages is always wrong.

a.       All of Ivana’s friends agree that gay marriage is wrong.

b.      If Ivana favoured gay marriage, her friends would abandon her

c.       Ivana is president of the League of Traditional Families

d.      Ivana has already made views knows and cannot change her mind

7.       Angelo: Marijuana should be legalized

a.       All of Angelo’s friends smoke marijuana

b.      Legalizing marijuana would reduce the consumption of marijuana and save lives, money and resources

c.       Angelo has already said on television that marijuana should be legalized

d.      Angelo like to smoke marijuana

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