philosophy essay 1841602 2

Write a  essay of 1000 words that takes a position on ONE of the identified issues below. You may agree, disagree, or take some other position in relation to each topic. (Note that each is addressed in Chapter 11 of the textbook.) Provide examples that support or illustrate your position.

·–      Courage: An essential trait in all human circumstances

·      —   Compassion: A trait that must flow from intentions if it is to mean anything

·     —    Gratitude:  A trait that makes human community possible

This paper must be written in APA style.

Careful reference to materials in the course text, lecture notes, or other materials is strongly advised. Any such references must be identified using APA referencing.


Essay Evaluation Rubric

Bonus Essay Evaluation



Good approach—on time, correct file name, on topic, persuasive,  appropriate length, complies with assignment criteria, well researched


Good example(s)— current, reputable, appropriate to the topic.


Good thinking—insightful, creative or otherwise synthetic approach, suggestive of further lines of inquiry, or integrative of multiple course concepts,


Well organized—clear introduction and conclusion. Logical flow of ideas. Paragraphs with a topic sentence and logical progression.


APA format for document—title page, page layout, font, paragraph style, references


Writing Style (grammar, usage)—excellent academic English, correct spelling, good sentence structure, good word choice, etc.



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