philosophical discussion response philosophy homework help

read this two discussion and write a respond after each of the discussion.

each respond have to be at least 100 words.

thank you so much.


First, I will state that no one has the right to tell a parent how to raise their child. If you are not that childs parent, the preferences put on the child by his/her parents, as far as religion, politicics, and other views, do not need your individual critique. The large majority of parents teach their children what they believe is right, and what will benefit their child. Conflicting views do not mean that the parent is a bad one.

Now, jumping into the discussion question, I personally do not think that a specific religion being taught to a child is a good idea. We’ve all heardof the stories of people hurting and even killing others in the name of religion (Dylann Roof, Pedro Lopez, Adolf Hitler), or as religious people, so that debunks the thought that religious people/children are better off than others. Although the people commiting these crimes in the name of religion, or as a religious person, is radicalized and rare, I do understand that there are poeple who dont practice religion who can be just as radical, although this is also rare.

I believe that a child should be exposed multiple religions, and learn about them whole heartedly, so they can appreciate and respect them all. While learning, they should not be influenced on which to practice, if any. I think a crucial part of growing up is being able to make your own decisions so you can be a concious and well aware adult. While I understand that being raised Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or any other religiondoesnt mean that you wont be a well informed adult, as mentioned in the discussion question, most people  practice what they were raised to be. It then becomes an unconcious way of living, and you may never question why you practice your religion, because its simply what you know to do. If you were taught your whole life that blue is an awesome color and that cats are disgusting creatures that cause problems, as an adult, there is a strong possibility that your favorite color will be blue and youll despise cats. Basically, give children options and let them pick their own path.


I can say myself that I adopted religious beliefs at a very young age based on what my parents taught me and directed me towards. Our parents are the usually the first people we look up to and follow, so it is very easy for a young mind not to question what they are taught by their parents. In rare occasions will a young child instantly not follow or what their parents are trying to teach them, and that reason is children don’t usually know any other views or morals other than what they are being taught in their own home.

I feel that I am morally indifferent about this situation, mostly because it is a very touchy situation especially today. Today there are so many different views and morals that are out there compared to when I was growing up. I feel that this pattern won’t change of parents indoctrinating religious beliefs in their children at a very young age, because parents usually want their children to follow in their footsteps morally.I feel that regardless of what a person is taught at a young age they can later think for themselves when they become more mature. If a person isn’t happy about what their religion stands for I believe they can think for themselves about the situation then go from there, our up bringing doesn’t have to restrict the way we think or what we believe in.

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