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Hi Robert,


You bring up a good point that third world consumers are likely to be anti-science or deniers simply because they are not knowledgeable about the subject. At first, I wondered why they would reject it because it really seems like it would benefit them greatly but now I can sort of see why. I think that providing data and statistics would be a great start to convince them to accept GMOs because the first step is to educate them on the research. But it is not just developing countries that need this education, as I feel that even people in the United States are highly unaware about the issue. We all should take steps to educate ourselves on this topic before we take a side. I see what you’re saying Robert, I believe there should be full discloser of what we consume especially certain foods that consists of GMO’s specifically. I think the idea of having GMO labels list the scientific evidence / opinions of government officials will be greatly beneficial for our society. We as consumers will be able to know what exactly we’re eating and should know what we’re eating. Most labels nowadays have labels in which we’re not able to understand but we trust the governments regulations. Providing info of the foods will be beneficial & convenient for us. It’s important for us to be educated especially if we’re putting certain foods in our bodies. I think your strategy has great potential!

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