Can someone please write a reply in your own thoughts/analysis for each of the below answers:

1.)I think that it’s much easier to compare my eating habit with my parent’s habit because the foods previous generations ate were homemade of fresh or whole ingredients rather than processed and packaged. My mother is from Korean, and back in the day, South Korea was so poor at that time and had limited resources and food. My mother told me that she couldn’t eat much of meat when she was young because her family couldn’t afford it and the meat was very expansive. However, the food she ate when she was young was much healthier than packaged food. However, I’ve eat a lot of meats because meat and fish is one of my favorite food, and I’m eating much more meat than my mom ate because meat is much cheaper now. This is the reason why many people are in diet because of food that we eat, is easy and unhealthy, which we can buy processed and packaged food 10 times more than previous generations. The consequences of these changes will make new generation fatter and unhealthier if they continuously eat fast food or packaged food.

2.)There are a variety of reasons a country subsidizes their agriculture. First and foremost, however, the main reason is because of related industries. Take the crop of corn for example. Corn is the most highly-subsidized crop in the United States by a far margin. Why? Corn is in everything we eat: hamburgers, crackers, chicken, and even bread. High fructose corn syrup is also an international health hazard which should be banned. The yield corn brings in obviously has an effect on the urbanites because of the cheaper food. In turn, the farmers are struggling to make ends meet and forced to plant seeds provided by multinational corporations instead of their own. 

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