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(1) Accuracy I think would be the most important standard. There are a lot of things said and assumed in everyday life from news sources, Facebook, co-workers and family. Making sure the information you are receiving is accurate before making any decisions on whether to believe or discard the information. Right now there are many things on the new and social media that are meant to distract people from focusing on the things with inaccurate statements and assumptions. An example of this is the Orlando shooting, First the news reported it was a terrorist attack in the beginning a few days later the reports were anti-gay terrorist attack and now the reports are he was just upset because he was turned down for date of some kind and took his anger out by shooting the place up. In all these cases almost all media reported wrong information as it was happening without fact checking.

 http://www.cbsnews.com/news/orlando-shooting-omar-mateen-texted-wife-during-massacre/ (Links to an external site.)

The link above is just one of many news groups, whom since the shooting happened, have spun disinformation about the incident. Unless the shooter wrote his intentions down or told someone what and why he would do this kind of act nothing the media says could be accurate.

The use of technology to retain the most accurate information is going to hard since there are very few truth finding sites out there. We must be very careful to look at many sources and find the few things that are the same from each. This is going to be very difficult since the Associated-Press is government controlled and most media groups only release this information. I do use one site that fact checks stories and other media statement on rumors it is http://www.snopes.com/ (Links to an external site.). I think everyone should take the time to look up your local and national politician’s stories here could be interesting. 

(2) i 

 agree with you. Technology does help assist in critical thinking, research, and facts. It plays a big role in our lives. But, I also want to add that even though it plays a big role, due to other forms of technology, our critical thinking skills have declined.

https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/01/090128092341.htm (Links to an external site.)

This is an old article but, it explains how all technology is not good technology. There are different forms of technology. You have education, entertainment, information technology, instructional, medical technology, etc. Todays teens, young children, and some adults don’t use technology for their well being. All they know is Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Xbox, 2k15, etc. And because social media constantly comes up with these new and fun apps, the young generation will rarely use technology for things like researching information for a paper. So, you have to look at the different forms of technology as well. Because like we have stated, it all plays a part in our critical thinking skills.


Today’s technology plays a vital role in support of critical thinking. There is not a business, organization, or individual who does not rely on technology to resolve issues. Each standard serves it’s on purpose, therefore one is no more important than the other.

For example in a business such as a auto repair parts store, it is essential to be (accurate) when filling an order. The difference in a part number could result in fatality when driving. Database parts information is stored for easy instant access. No longer are you required to stand in a long line while the clerk fingers through a thick parts manual for each customer.

Organizations utilize Information Technology (IT) to communicate and interact on a daily basis. (Clarity) is required when providing policy, direction, guidance, mission statement, and core values. Conflict will arise if employee’s do not have clear and concise instructions.

People use technology and critical thinking to resolve issues and make difficult decisions that will have great impact on their lives. After consulting a physician about a major operation, you are informed of some prerequisites that you are not comfortable with. After getting a second opinion and researching the internet, you come to realize the (relevance) of the prerequisites.

Technology has proven to be very useful as a conduit when conducting research and studies that involve critical thinking. A study was conducted on the use of technology in special education. Social network analysis (SNA) and measures of critical thinking (Newman, Webb, & Cochrane, 1995) were used to research and assess if there was a difference in interaction and critical thinking between 1, 2, or 3 student moderators who facilitated a forum discussion of an assignment in an online course. As a result one noticeable difference among the three groups which was in the value of network centralization.

cited: Google network and critical thinking. Select interaction, critical thinking, and social network analysis (SNA)

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