Opportunities and Threats Facing Non Profit Organizations management homework help

i need 3-4 page 

I want to read the case I will attach it and i want you the go over the following 

 when it comes to the opportunities and threats I want to include every factor identified and focused throughout the key success, five forces, trend analysis other things below I have identified some opportunities and threats I also want u to but then in paragraphs 

1- global recession : they heavily rely on individual and other organization donations %25 of the total revenue ( it’s been decreased from the last recession) people still recovering. 

2- Technology: Video games, App, TVshows

3- change in environments ( change in lifestyles) way people entertain  

4- membership rate rise

5- School long hours

6- Tutoring 

Revenue vary on seasons?


Grants and donation rise by 8.4% by 2020

Cost Saving 

Adapt to the new changes, environments  ( technology, new way of entertainment) 

Social media to post activities, marketing, games competitions




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