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Problem 3 (30 pts) Read the article (p. 221 – 225) «Performance and duration differences between online and paper–pencil tests» and answer the questions below. 

Part A. 

1. Develop a 95% confidence interval using data from this study. 

2. Perform a hypothesis testing using data from this study. (show all the the appropriate steps).

 3. Suggest another statistical technique(s) for the purpose of this study. Explain. 

Part B. For this study briefly describe how the researcher draw conclusions from a sample about a population. 

Try to be as analytic as possible and use the comments bellow. 

1. Determine (or define) the independent variable(s). 

2. Determine (or define) the dependent variable(s). 

3. Determine (or define) qualitative and quantitative variable(s). 

4. Determine (or define) the sample and the population. 

5. Describe the statistical method(s) being used and define inferential statistics. Interpret the meaning of p-value.

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