Nursing theory and leadership


I believe Jean Watson’s Theory of Caringhas the greatest impact in my area of pediatrics. Nursing and caring have become synonymous in our culture and I believe caring is the essence of nursing. Professional nurses have an obligation to provide the best environment for healing to take place. The theory’s carative factors outlines principles and ideas that should be used by the professional nurse to create the best environment for healing of the patient and of the nurse.

            Watson’s Caring Theory and the Care of a Pediatric Cancer Patient by Rachel M. Parker and Crystal Lane-Tillerson was a great article to read and internalize.  The article presents an overview of Watson’s Caring Theory and applies it to the care of a pediatric cancer patient. A specific emphasis is placed on describing the nurse’s role in caring and presenting the expected outcomes of caring. Caring is essential to nursing practice and it can improve patient outcomes and experiences.  Not only does Watson argue that the theory describes caring within nursing practice, she maintains that her theory is unique in that it also captures the spiritual essence of nursing (Watson, 2012). I believe this to be true in my practice as a pediatric nurse. Caring creates valuable physical, mental, and spiritual connections between the nurse and the patient. This in turn can create meaningful relationships and positive patient outcomes. Watson’s theory is very applicable to present day nursing whether caring for a pediatric cancer patient or any other patient. All patients are in need of caring and Watson’s framework instructs the nurse on how to care (Parker & Lane-Tillerson, 2014).

Nursing theory and leadership was a challenging unit discussion. Several attempts have been made over the years to explain the characteristics of an effective leader. Leaders can be managers but not all managers can be effective leaders, making leadership an important aspect of effective management. In my personal experience, great management was something I did not experience until recently, thus finding it difficult to write about. By discussing nursing theory, leadership, and management in week 4, I was able to learn what qualities great leaders/managers have and what ways management incorporates theory into the nursing profession.  I also learned that by incorporating nursing theory into leadership, I will have a stronger knowledge base and develop a firm discipline whereby to provide quality of care through skills learned, and knowledge gained.

            The discussion that I found most useful to understand nursing theory and its application to my area of practice in pediatrics was the discussion on nursing theory and practice in unit 1. I was able to research multiple theories and discuss the value of theory to the profession of nursing. I was also able to identify ways in which I could use theory to improve my practice in my present role and future role as a pediatric nurse.


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