Part 1

Now that we know their security landscape, let’s write a new policy for Brubo Industries. You will take the strengths and weaknesses from the review and create a new policy document. This need only be 1-3 pages, but it should address the shortfalls and build on the good points already in place. You may add any of your own recommendations based on readings and research.


Your grade will be based on these items:

  • Summary and Scope (2 points)
  • Policy Statement (4 points)
  • Procedures (2 points)
  • Repercussions (2 points)

You will hand in a Word document with all of these elements included.

Part 2

You will be making some calculations based on the facts below surrounding smart lights in a home. I want you to calculate the data points, listing these calculations in your assignment. Then you will write a paragraph that tells me a bit about what you found – what does the data tell you?

The data points:

  • A “data point” in our example is equal to 8 bytes
  • Any time data is stored or transferred, it uses one “data point” worth of data
    • Turning bulbs on
    • Turning bulbs off
    • Bulbs checking in to servers
    • User checking usage

The device in question is a series of lightbulbs in a house that are smartly connecting to the Internet. A single user in the home can control these lightbulbs remotely using an app on their smartphone, and they can also monitor usage. Here are some details:

  • The example home has 5 of these smart bulbs
  • Each bulb “checks in” to the Internet every hour each day with its status and energy usage (one data point)
  • The user remotely controls their lights once a day on average (one data point for all bulbs, not one for each)
  • The users checks the status once a day (one data point)

You are to calculate the following:

  1. How much data is transferred each day?
  2. How much data is transferred each week?
  3. How much data is transferred each year?
  4. What if 30 million homes had this same setup – how much data would be transferred each year altogether?


Your grade will be based on these items:

  • Calculations (3 points)
  • Summary (2 points)

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