Novel Discussion English homework help

Be sure that your discussion does not offer plot summary.  The point is to analyze, compare/contrast, discuss, etc.  ALL discussions will be graded based on timeliness of submission, content, organization (standard essay organization is requested–brief intro with thesis, body paragraphs with controlling topic sentences, conclusion), grammar, and mechanics.

Your discussion must be at least 350 words. 

The novel is “Fahrenheit 451″

Choose EITHER A or B. 

A.  Tone can also be defined as the author’s attitude toward his/her subject. Consider the tone of the novel assigned (The author is ANGRY about the topic, FRUSTRATED about the topic, ENCOURAGED about the topic, etc.–adjectives are used to describe tone). What is the tone? What aspects of the novel create the tone? How does it affect your interpretation of the events in the story? Based on how the novel is written (not your personal opinions) could the tone be read differently by another reader? How? Why? Be specific–use examples from the text for support.


B.  What is the primary conflict in your novel? What aspects of the novel contribute to/create the conflict? Be specific–use examples from the text for support.

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