1. [Team] Using the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” case found in the back of your text, develop a change plan that addresses the problems facing the Arts Festival. Develop the case by making corrections to your first submission and by adding the implementation piece to the case. The case will be in  report format that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion:

1. Complete ALL of the tasks required for the initial version of the case/change plan by making corrections. For example, include the tables in the case response, completely filled out and supported by narrative. 

2. Design and include a plan for addressing resistance to change.

3. Explain the lessons that you want learned from your story of how this organization needs to change. Tell them why.

5. Explain the image of change management that you are using and why.

6. Using Kotter’s 8 Step plan as a model, create an implementation plan. Be specific by giving dates, timelines, accountable parties, champions, and anything else that will help your plan be completed as you intend for it to be completed. Spell your plan out with steps and graphics. Do NOT give a generic description of what you wish will happen. Instead, give the reader a well-developed set of action steps and dates to guide the organization through the change.

7. Format, format, format. Make your paper easy to read by including subheadings for each new piece. Without formatting, your case is just a jumble of words that lose meaning and context. Use color. Use graphics. Use figures. Use whatever it takes to keep your reader engaged and wanting to read more. If the reader looks at a page that is all words and more words on the next page, your reader will get lost and disengage from the presentation. Make the presentation polished and professional. This must not look like student work. Instead, this needs to be a practice session for your final change plan project, so professionalism counts. 


The first file is the case, second is our team first draft which wrote last time, and the third is our textbook. I post them just in case you need them. 

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