Script 1:

1. Create a new subdirectory called “Archive” in your home directory

2. Copies all files in your home directory to the Archive subdirectory and change the

names to add a new file extension “.archive”

If the home directory contained myFile.txt and; then Archive should

now contain: myFile.txt.archive and

Script 2:

1. Ask the user for a DIRECTORY name

2. If the directory exists, ask them if they would like to (R)ename, or (D)elete it by

choosing R, or D

3. If the user chooses R, ask for the new directory name and move all files there

4. If the user chooses D, delete the directory.

Note: to rename a directory, just create the new directory and copy all files from

the old directory to the new and then delete the old directory

For Script 2 ensure that the user enters only R or D, warning them about the mistake if

they should enter something else.

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