mystrokuyoh only

Basically this research essay is about “how we process pain” 

 topic question: what condition a patient might have to be eligible for chronic disease organization? And i said obesity. My professor said i should narrow that down to physochological and factors that to it etc 

 in that essay it can go to domestic violence, eating disorder, etc 8pages

 overview and details

For this assignment, i am asking you to generate a list of six –eight well-written and well-referenced secondary texts to support and/or develop your research. These sources should:

–          be articles or books accessed from through our library resources

–          be published after or in the year 2000.


After you have created a citation for each text in correct mla format, you are required to annotate (to add 5-6 sentences) about each source. In your annotations you are required to summarize the source and state its relation to your research topic. 


I have to turn this into a site, so don’t make it sound all high technical my professor will know :p ! But i trust you 🙂 

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