Music industry career computer science homework help

     Actually this question not belong to Communication, it belong to MUSIC INDUSTRY OR ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!BUT i can’t find the Music or Entertainment on the subject list !


Select a music industry career area that you are interest in.  The following is a list of suggested topics: 

 1. Professional Songwriter  Record Producer                2.  Professional Singer  Sound Engineer

3.  Professional Musician  Music Supervisor                   4. Business/Merchandising  Legal Services

5. Arts/Graphics  Artist Management/Booking              6. Music Publishing  Record Co/Sales-Merchandising

7. Public Relations  Record Co/Promotion                   8. Concert Promotion  Record Distribution

using not less than 2 resources   Report will be 5-6pages long.

Resources must be legitimate, current industry standards and can consist of 1 live interview with a professional in the field

**Times Roman Size-12   Double space   Sources cite  page and title   Student’s info   Class’s info   Date for turn in


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