Module 9 Assignment

Mod 9 Assignment

Part 1 (25 points): You are a line employee and you have been voted in by the membership to represent the workforce on the union’s wage and benefits negotiation team. Research the topic of business negotiations and indicate what type of preparation is necessary to represent the team in a credible manner. Compose a report with your findings.

Part 2 (25 points): You supervise a group of administrative assistants in a law office. You seek to improve the quality of their reports. The documents are filled with format mistakes, English usage errors, and faulty report standards.  The lawyers are threatening to terminate the staff, which is a drastic step.

Describe the controls you would introduce to correct the work product and improve the quality outcome. You need a speedy turnaround on these work products for the law firm’s clients.

Feel free to research “quality controls” for performance via Internet sites and capture some useful data.

Complete a report that is double spaced, using 1 inch margins and a Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

Your name, date, and the module number must be on the report. 

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