Module 3 Capstone Assignment Project Risk Factor management homework help

Module 3: Capstone Assignment

Project Risk Factor (100 Points)

Project risk is defined simply as any possible event that may negatively affect the viability of a project and it is computed using the simple relation:

Project Risk = Probability of Event * Consequences of Event

Zungoo Electronics, the second largest manufacturer of flat screen displays in the United States, expanded its business into South America three years ago. Having experienced a roller coaster ride of large ups and down in its business, the company would like to investigate the quantitative risk for its South America operations using details in the table below: 

Probability of Failure Category

Probability of Failure

Consequences of Failure Category

Process Maturity


Performance = 45%

Technical Complexity


Schedule = 55%

Vendor Dependency


Cost = 20

Workforce Availability


Reliability = 20%

Use the table above to answer the following questions:

  • Please calculate the total risk factor for this project.  Would you assess this level of risk as low, moderate (medium), or high?  Why?

(Hint: Total Risk Factor = P+C-(P*C), where P = Average Probability of Failure and C = Average Consequences of Failure. A common rule of thumb assigns any project with a Risk Factor below 0.30 as low risk, between 0.30 and 0.70 as medium risk, and over 0.7 as high risk.)

  • What are all the risk mitigation strategies available to Zungoo? What specific mitigation options would you recommend to the corporation?
  • In order to reduce the total risk factor by one level (e.g., high to medium or medium to low) what would be your focus among the four probabilities of failure and four consequences of failure listed?
  • If you were to prioritize your efforts, which risk factors would you address first?  Why?
  • Explain the meaning of the following sentence: Reduction of risk factors is not cheap.

Your responses should be integrated in a well-written paper that meets the following requirements:

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