mobile application and information security computer science homework help


Please see the example from my other classmate blogs link and let make one that we could progress on each week.

Student1:  The Cybersecurity Soapbox



Read through the Blogging Directions and other content located in the Blog Resources accessible from the Course Menu.  Make sure you understand the requirements before you create your blog.  Then post the name and link to your blog in the Student Blog Links discussion forum.  You are not required to post in this forum each week.

In your post, describe the theme you will be using over the term.  For example, Securing mobile devices or Issues of information security in healthcare organizations.

You need to both create the blog and populate it with your first entry.

Each blog entry should be a minimum of 250 words.  You should give proper credit to ideas, articles or webpages you reference. And please put the week number at the top of each entry. One weekend you may feel particularly blogworthy and post the next three entries on the same day.  It is extremely hard to assign the proper grades unless the weeks are identified on the blog.

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