MKTG Questions


Answer the following 5 questions. Minimum 100 words PER QUESTION. APA format, include references for each question.

1. Would you agree with the statement, “Public relations is a young practice?” Why or why not?


2. How would you assess the status of chief executive officers today? How do the situations regarding Enron, WorldCom, Martha Stewart, and others reflect on “ethics” in business and the challenges for corporate public relations people?


3. A nurse at your hospital has been charged with putting poison in the I.V. drip. Patients have died. The hospital has been hammered in headlines. What do you, as public relations director, recommend to management?


4. Contrast the role of a lawyer and a public relations professional in an organization.


5. Your boss wants to “get back” at a competitor. He or she instructs you to spread malicious gossip to your reporter friends, even though you know it is untrue. What do you do?


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