microeconomics term-paper

I need a term-paper for microeconomics class. It should be about supply or demand in Russia. You can write about any point of Russian market. The only thing is that I have to tell something about changes in supply OR demand in Russia in 2012-2013-2014. And I can use only ONE article as a data!!! It should not be too complecated, because I will present it in class. It also should not be too big (just 3-4 pages). This is the task:


The completed critique should contain the following paragraphs and will be evaluated based on the following:

1.     5%  – Introduction or Executive Summary

2.     20% – Critique.

a.     Critique an article about supply and demand for accuracy and thoroughness. Ideally, find an article that lacks correct economic insight and critique the article for inaccuracies. Critique of the article should note any ambiguities and problems in logic.  

3.     20% – Graph.

a.     Use your newly acquired understanding of the supply and demand curves to graphically illustrate the article. Often the best approach to use two graphs, before and after or short run and long run. The graphs should be hand drawn, not copied from a website. The graphs must be labelled properly for full marks.

4.     20%- In my Own Opinion….

a.     State whether you agree with what is being said in the article.  Why do you agree or why not? Explain. No marks will be given for unexplained answers.

5.     5% – Conclusion

6.     30% – Writing quality/clarity: Did the student:

·       Demonstrate the ability to elaborate on the subject, making it intelligible to others?

·       Anticipate what objections can be raised?

·       Identify what the subject limitations are?

·       Demonstrate critical thinking skills?

·       Understand relevant economic concepts?

·       Correctness/relevance to the assignment

·       Was the rough draft turned in on time? Was the paper late

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