I have 3 assignment i  need help with. i will post them/information under this message…

1) Assignment 3–Unit 2

Directions:Each of the colored sections of the inner wheel contains a Medical Terminology root word

.The outer circle is made up of white sections containing suffixes. Wheel of Dermatology

1.Type the roots contained in the colored sections of the wheel.

2.Below each root in your document, write words that can be made using that

root and any of the suffixes in the outer white sections of

the wheel. Note that not all roots and suffixes can be combined to create appropriate or “real” words. Include only

“real” words in your assignment. Your text and the Supplemental Practice Word List for the Chapter found in Unit 2 course content can be used to determine if a word is” real”.

3.Include a definition for each word you create Wheel of the Heart (page 2) and Wheel of Muscle and Bone(page3)

Assignment 5

Directions: Read the following case studies.Complete the two items below for each case study and upload the document in a WORD or PDF format to the Assignment 5 dropbox.

1.Define themedical terms in bold face print

2.Rewrite the case study using laymans terms in place of the bold face medical terms.(Laymans terms are words that are easily understood by nonmedically trained individuals.) Consider how you would phrase this to communicate the information to a patient or their family so that they would understand

i will give more details in our personal chat. 

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