Question 1

The scatterplot in Figure 7.7 of attachment shows the relationship for eight different pairs of temperature/chirps data. Estimate the correlation coefficient and determine whether there appears to be a correlation between the temperature and the number of times a cricket chirps in a minute (Bennett 246)

Bennett, Jeff, William Briggs, Mario Triola. Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life,  4th Edition. 

Question 2

  Outlier Effects. Consider the scatterplot in Figure 7.15.

Figure 7.15  

a.  Which point is an outlier? Ignoring the outlier, estimate or compute the correlation coefficient for the remaining points.

b.  Now include the outlier. How does the outlier affect the correlation coefficient? Estimate or compute the correlation coefficient for the complete data set.

See Attachment. Please use Excel graph where necessary.

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